Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Family Network February 2014 Challenge

Happy February everyone! For the Family Network Challenge this month we are going to do a photo challenge that focuses on the kids! It seems that everyone is doing once a day photo challenges and they are so fun! We thought it would be fun to get the kids involved and really make a fuss on things that they are interested in!

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Here's how it works! There will be a "theme" for each day, and you can either take the picture of the child, or let them take it! We will have a Facebook group page set up here :

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Teaching Children to be Safe with Media

My kids are video game, Ipod, tablet- toting kids. They love minecraft and music and playing cute little games on the tablets. Their momma ( me!!!) is a facebook, instagram, blogging kind of gal. Sometimes in the evenings me and my husband will gather with the kids together and we will put youtube on the wii and we will watch old music videos like Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel and Dolly Parton. I read my Scriptures every morning on my android Scripture App and in the evenings I read from my real Scriptures. We are a family that likes media… but I am a momma bear when it comes to what media is allowed in our home.
Recently, I kind of realized that my son was sneaking off to his room as soon as he finished his schoolwork. I wasn’t worried, he doesn’t have cable or internet in his room, plus he is very responsible and has been taught well when it comes to what is right and what is wrong to watch, listen to, and read.
I went back to his room to see what he was up to. Oh how I was hoping that he was laying in his chair or on his bed reading his literature book! Alas, I was wrong !! He was playing minecraft, which is an xbox game ( one of the two games he owns on xbox ) and while I approve of the game, it has sparked a big interest in him when it comes to minerals, rocks, etc. I realized he was basically spending every minute of free time playing the game.
It was time for a little lesson on media and making sure that we are balancing our lives so that we get to enjoy all kinds of things that are good and fun. We sat down for FHE and we began by going over again, what was right and wrong when it came to good media. We read from the For The Strength Of The Youth manual about media. I read some snippets from this amazing article on LDS.ORG , and we did a little activity where I read off some things, and the kids said “good” or “bad”… just silly little things. Then we talked about balancing our time, and making sure that we weren’t getting addicted to just one thing. It went pretty well, and Dylan has done well in making sure that even though he is allowed to play a little each day on Minecraft, he will stop and play with other things too, legos, k’nex, hero factory, all that good stuff.
So far things are going well. I’ve also been looking for some other fun things for the family to watch or do, together, and well, I stumbled upon this super fun “show” on YouTube. The Shaytards. Oh yeah, you’ve probably heard of them. I’m a little afraid that we are now all addicted to watching them ! Remember, trying to balance things!!!!
You can visit their YouTube channel HERE
Of course we are blessed in this time and age to have so many Gospel resources available here on the internet and even tv with the BYU channel.
So tell me friends, how do you keep your kiddos safe with media. We live in a crazy world!! But we are also incredibly blessed!
Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

Monday, January 27, 2014

Children and Responsibility …..

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We love animals! We have our own little “urban farmette” here ! A couple of years ago my husband and I were discussing how to make sure that our children knew about responsibility and hard work… without making them into child slaves!  This link contains a beautiful talk on teaching children responsibility. I really felt a strong urge in my heart that we needed to find a good and fun way to teach this particular thing to our children. As my hubby and I bounced ideas off of each other, something other than just their regular chores, my husband announced that he wanted to get a couple of chicks and a little chicken coop for the backyard. He’s a farm boy at heart and he brought up the fact that the kids do well feeding the dogs and the fish etc… inside, what if they had the opportunity to have shared responsibility ( mommy and daddy also helping out ) by caring for some animals. That would teach them that they are being stewards to God’s animals. It would teach them that even when you don’t want to do your chores, etc, there are living, breathing things depending on you. It would teach them that sometimes responsibilities are not easy ( feeding your animals in the snow!) but that the rewards are gratifying. When Dylan holds one of is chickens or when his ducks “laugh” at him, when Marlee snuggles her bunny, when Sydney carries her bunny around on her hip and gets kisses, these kids are learning responsibility and also they are getting a huge reward!
So this was one of the things we have incorporated into our home and it’s really working out well so far. We also have a list of chores that the kids can complete to earn a quarter or fifty cents here and there ( up to five dollars a week) and if they want extra money they complete the chore and mommy writes down how much they have in their “bank account”. When they do their regular chores each week they receive a small allowance based on age. They also do the responsibilities with the animals, which they do not get paid for. They understand that some responsibilities you have to do getting paid. That’s real life.
What are some great ways or inspiring quotes that you have used in your parenting to teach your children responsibility ?
Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Brownies Did It! Parenting Fail.... and Parenting Win?

So I've decided to be more personal on this blog, just because I really enjoy writing that way. Plus I want you to get to know me as a parent! I love being a mommy! I have fun with my kids and I take the responsibility of parenting very seriously! Today, I had a definite parenting fail... but it kind of turned into a win! Share with me in the comments a parenting fail or win that you've had today! Here's the story!

Hubby had a rough start to work today, so I thought we would make him a little treat for when he came home. I made brownies with white chocolate chips in them. They turned out yummy! Of course I had to take a teeny weeny piece from the corner to make sure they were fit to eat... hehehe! So my daughters came in the kitchen ( they could smell what the MOMMA was cooking! ) and I was silly and took a little piece of brownie and smooshed it in their mouths while they were laughing! I took another piece and gave it to my oldest daughter and said " go smoosh this in Dylan's mouth.. he'll love it! "  OK, here comes the parenting fail!!! I guess Dylan was really focusing on his math work and Marlee kind of snuck up on him and seriously smashed the brownie right into his mouth! He jumped up and yelled then bopped her in the stomach! I came in and saw him bop her in the stomach so I yelled " I told her to do it.. as a joke Dylan!!" and then..... wait for it.... I bopped him in the stomach and said " Don't bop your sister in the stomach!" ..... silence............ ( before you go crazy thinking I beat my children.. when I say bop.. I mean bop not punch or beat! )

Ok.... silence.... then Dylan busted out laughing and said... "seriously mom??" I then grabbed him in a hug and started rubbing his belly jokingly and said " oh my gosh did I hurt you Dylan?? I just sucker punched my son!!!" He laughed even harder and told me that it didn't even hurt and that I really needed to start working out, because my bop is lousy. :( LOL

After that we all started laughing and I took the opportunity to apologize to Dylan for bopping him. Then I reminded him that we NEVER hit or bop or hurt anyone. ( Yeah I know... great example huh!) As everyone laughed, I secretly freaked out thinking.. major parenting fail!!! But I finally looked at Dylan and said... The Brownies Did It! Not Me! Everyone was happy and  laughing and Dylan apologized to Marlee. We then ate a brownie. Those darn brownies.. making you do awful things... !!!!

Here's a pic of Dylan on a mommy/son date to the farmer's market... see, I love him! LOL!

Share with me a parenting fail or win you've had today!!
Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

Following the Plan....

Ever since my kiddos were small, I have tried to teach them about "the plan", you know, the Plan of Salvation, but with a twist. I have tried to incorporate the fact that in order to follow the big Plan, we needed to take good steps, and make good decisions. So we started going thru what we would do to follow the Plan. It started with primary, then baptism, then Dylan getting the Priesthood, going to seminary, college, missions, temple marriage etc. My kids love to talk about the steps of the plan.

While on Pinterest... because I'm an addict... lol, you can find me at Jaelle Kaylor, just look up pinners, anywho, I found the neatest thing I'm going to make for Dylan's room, and then tweak it a bit for the girls... I think I've written about this before, but I really wanted to share it again and also get some ideas from you guys.

So tell me, how do you teach your children to make a plan in life ? How do you help them to achieve these goals ? I'm excited to hear the comments...
Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

PS- Here is a pic of each of my kids at their baptisms! Next up is Dylan receiving the Priesthood which will hopefully be in the next month!! So exciting!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January Family Network Challenge 2014 !

I love the New Year! I love the feeling of starting fresh and the push I feel to make new goals for myself and my family. Usually I am so excited about them, but sometimes I get stuck on the 10 pounds I meant to lose last year or the valentines binge that ended my year without sugar (impossible anyways!). For our family challenge this month, we want you to share with us your family goals for the New Year, but we also want you to think about the goals that you don't consciously set but are deliberately choosing to do with your family. I am sure there are so many amazing things you are trying (and succeeding) to do with your family that you're not even consciously aware of. That's right. You are so incredibly amazing and you might not even realize it! Here's a list of awesome family goals you might already be conquering (even if it's just once):
  • Little love notes
  • Playing more as a family
Famiyl Challenge - Goals
  • Reading as a family
  • Going to each other's sporting events or recitals
  • Speaking kind words
  • Serving as a family
Family Challenge - Goals
  • Family dinner together
  • Family game night
  • Keeping the house a little cleaner
  • Family vacation
  • Saving money for a family vacation
  • Calling extending family on birthdays
  • Writing notes to grandparents

Family Challenge - Goals

  • Family prayer
  • Family movie night
So think about all the great things you are doing to build your family, new goals and ones you are already doing, and take a picture of it! We want to see your amazing families this month! So post one or 31 pictures of what goals your family is achieving this year and label it with #familychallenge. We can't wait to see how incredible you are! Brittany @

The Family Network

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Family Council

     I came across the most amazing resource for LDS Parents, a neat guide sheet to Family Councils and Personal Interviews. I will admit, this is something I am NOT good with! I guess since I homeschool and am with my children 24/7 I feel like having Family Council and Personal Interviews is just not something right up there importance wise. I truly changed my way of thinking after reading “ A Mother’s Book of Secrets” By Linda Eyre and Shawni Eyre Pothier. LOVE THEM!!!

     Anywho… they have a chapter called “ Five-Facet Review”. What a wonderful gold mine! I love this idea. Basically it is an in depth conversation between mother and father, about how each child is doing. You go over five facets of their lives.. Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally, and Spiritually. You pray and discuss these five points for each child. Then you are ready to go into the Personal Interview with them. I highly recommend reading this book, not only are they parenting super heroes… but the pictures are gorgeous!

     Ok, on to the guide sheet for Family Council and Personal Interviews. I found that HERE. What a neat blog by the way, I can’t wait to read the entire thing! Here is a cheat sheet for parents! How great is that!

     Alright parents, let’s discuss this. I need some help and will be doing our first ever Family Council, Personal Interviews and Five Facet Review. What are some good ideas from you guys ? What helps? What doesn’t work ?

     Happy Parenting! Love, JL~

family council

Personal Interview

book of secrets

You can purchase this book HERE